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  1. Hay guys, I have a signed CD of both Noel and Liam, they came in my parents pub after a Watford v man c game, it was the one Sunday I hadn’t worked for 6 weeks and I wasn’t there. Happily my mum grabbed a CD a asked for a squiggle. The lads obliged, and for years I have enjoyed telling the story and admiring the Compact Disc.
    Sadly I need to raise funds to help secure a future for my young family. Does anyone know where I might get the best deal for it??
    Take it easy all.

  2. There was a remix that I loved called loney masterplan, lonely souls from Richard Ashcroft and Master plan from Oasis, I can’t find it on the internet anyone, can anyone send me a link or a mp3 of it please 🙏🏻


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